In March 2019 the first album was rereleased for the third time – now on vinyl. The rerelease received attention fron the two leading Swedish newspapers Dagens Nyheter and Svenska Dagbladet.

The band from Kalmar Ragnarök's super soft jazz rock debut continues to capture listeners.
Georg Cederskog, Dagens Nyheter

The super progish debut that has received cult status
Dan Backman, Svenska Dagbladet

To celebrate that the first album from 1976 will be released on vinyl Ragnaök is doing two concerts in Stockholm.

Peter Bryngelsson, guitars
Peder Nabo, keyboard, flute, guitars
Henrik Strindberg, electric guitar, flute
Staffan Strindberg, bass
Mikael Svanevik, drums

Guest Artists
Jörgen Adolfsson, saxophone
Milton Jordansson, acoustic guitar

Opening set
Jonna Sandell sings songs by Turid.
Peter Bryngelsson, guitars

Ragnarök spelar på Tyrolens Progg & Visfest i Blädinge. Detta är en stor progg och vis-festival med bl.a John Holm, Träden (Träd, Gräs och Stenar), Anders F Rönnblom, m.fl.

Peter Bryngelsson's new book about a song and a time.
Photo: Peder Nabo
Contributions by:

  • Mats Trondman
  • Ulrika Knutson
  • Per Engström

Dagarnas skum 2.0 is on sale now (only in Swedish)

Ljud och bild | Kungl. Biblioteket (Audio and pictures | The National Library of Sweden) writes about the 40th anniversary of Ragnarök's first album on their blog!

1976 Ragnarök performed in the Borgholm Castle on Öland!. Now 40 years later are they back on Öland with a concert at the Borgholm Bio.
Tickets;: Borgholms Bokhandel or Teatergalleriet in Kalmar. Price: 250 kr. Only cash.

Rylander Musikproduktion & Galleri

Ragnarök are happy to participate in the Mossagårdsfestivalen 2016 in Veberöd, Skåne! We will mix some of the classic pieces from the first album with more recent stuff. It's going to be al lot of fun!

The first self titled album Ragnarök received great reviews. It was recorded by the legendary Anders Lind. Much later it was later re-released in South Korea and Japan. The CD can be found in Silence webshop

Peder Nabo created this awesome video from tons of early Ragnarök photos and music from all the tracks of our first album.

15 juni, 20.00: Söderport, Kalmar
30 juli, Stensö Krog, Kalmar
31 juli, Fest i logen, Dädersjö, Växjö,
8 augusti, Proggfest, Uppsala

"I have probably played this album more than a thousand times and I will play it a thousand times more:"