Ragnarök will perform two concerts in Tokyo to promote the re-release of the two first records Ragnarök and Fjärlilar i magen in Japan, November 26 and 27 at the Eggman East and the Silver Elephant.

Ragnarök includes a bonus track that has never been released before. The cd has been remastered by Anders Lind, Silence. This is the fourth edition of the album that originally was released 1976.


Ragnarök will make one of their rare appearances in concert at a festival celebrating the 40 years anniversary of the "Festen på Gärdet".
Time: June 12
Place: Jönköping Länsmuséets trädgård

Here is the correct order:

1. Mirrors and Windows
2. Lakansvind
3. Chinese River
4. Waterlevels
5. Dog 1
6. September
7. Angel
8. Dog 2